Salunkhe Vihar

A campus designed to maximize our learners’ academic and extra curricular potential by supporting their growth. The infrastructure set for the free flow of innovation and imagination will set up our learners for a brighter future.

At TRS, Salunkhe Vihar we constantly strive to provide our learners with opportunities that help them innovate and implement their ideas to perform their best. Under the guidance of our dedicated educators we want to enable our learners to follow their passion to take up careers that will contribute immensely to their lives, and enrich our vibrant democracy!

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Activities at TRS Salunkhe Vihar

Unlocking the potential of our learners through inspiration

We believe we have created an environment allowing for collaboration of learners, and educators to support supreme education. An education that will facilitate all round development of our future generation.

Building compassionate, responsible, successful young achievers

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Integrating academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities will ensure holistic development, and result in creating well rounded citizen that will change the world!!