Celebrating Leadership, at The Rosary School Investiture Ceremony

Our first Grand Event under the New Management at The Rosary School, The Investiture Ceremony, was held on 5th August 2023! Words fall short to explain the happiness we could feel inside Nehru Memorial Hall, by seeing the beloved students and parents, our TRS family, expressing their pride to the fullest!

Improving Student Confidence: Tips for Teachers

Self-efficacy means believing in yourself to achieve goals. When students have self-efficacy, they’re more likely to take on tough challenges, work hard, and not give up easily. They think they can make things happen, and they don’t blame problems on outside things. This comes from improving student confidence.

How Technology is Changing the Way Educators Teach

The use of technology has drastically changed the role of the educator from a traditional knowledge provider to a facilitator guiding the students’ learning processes and engaging them in joint problem-solving methods. 

Learning and Activity Centres: Core of a Student’s Life

Learning and activity centres in each classroom would help build up a positive and productive learning environment in the classroom. Students also feel a sense of belonging because of more camaraderie in small groups and increased student-student positive relationships.